Professional hints on Research Paper Editing

Thesis papers take time to research and put the content together. After this process is done, you will want to edit the paper like a professional to ensure that your message comes through clearly. Editing academic work can cause your reader to pay closer attention and really understand what you are saying. It is as serious a task as putting together the research work. The process involves two steps.

Grammar, structure, and spelling

This is the basic step in editing. It involves reading your paper word for word. There are ways to do this so that you do not miss a thing.

  • For sentence structure, read out your sentences. When you hear the sentence read out, you will find it easier to note a problem with it. It may be too long and need to be broken down, or the words may not flow logically. You will also notice repetitive phrases and overuse of adverbs.
  • Look out for passive sentences and change them to active ones. For example, ‘The tree was cut down by the man,’ is a passive sentence. The active version would be, ‘The man cut down the tree.’ The active voice makes the sentence easier to understand.
  • For spelling, it is wise to go through the entire document with a pencil if printed noting down the errors. A printed document allows you to know how far you have gone. However, you may also track changes in Microsoft Word. Keep the spell checker off until you are done with this step. Then put it on to highlight what you may have missed. This is because the spell checker is not always accurate and may miss something.

Editing the research work

This is a necessary step as there are rules that you were meant to follow when writing your work. This step requires a lot of attention as you will be sitting as a critic of your own work. Read the paper thoroughly to ensure that it is true to the following list.

  • The paper is about your topic and does not overreach or veer off the topic at hand.
  • Each idea that has been introduced has been stated clearly, explained and supported adequately.
  • There is a flow from one idea to the next one so that the paper links together as one piece.
  • The citation requirements of the paper have been followed accurately both within the document and in the references.

Edit the research work first and then edit for grammar, structure, and spelling.