What Are the Basic Parts of a Research Paper: Simple Writing Guide

If your teacher asks you to write your first research paper, you should learn how to structure your academic work properly. Otherwise, you might compose a bad paper and earn a low score even if you conduct a decent study. Fortunately, almost any term paper should follow the standard structuring rules.

The Elements of a Research Paper Structure

  1. An introduction.
  2. The first chapter of your academic work should introduce your topic to the reader, provide them with its background, and explain why it’s so important to investigate this issue. Having read your introduction, a person should understand the scope and purpose of your project.

  3. A survey of the literature.
  4. This chapter should give your audience an insight about the main sources that you’ve examined during your study. Review both theoretical materials and studies conducted on similar topics by other investigators in the past.

  5. A description of methods.
  6. In this section, you should provide your readers with information on the methodology that you’ve picked for your study. Also, you should describe in detail the procedures that you carried out during your work so that anyone can replicate your study.

  7. A presentation of results.
  8. This section should present the outcomes of your efforts to the reader. You should interpret the importance of your findings and indicate whether the actual findings have coincided with your expectations.

  9. A conclusion.
  10. The last body chapter should summarize the points raised in your academic work and state the significance of your study. Also, it should contain suggestions for other students on how to continue your investigation.

Other Important Parts of a Research Paper

  • A title page.
  • It’s very important to create a proper title page for your academic work. It should be formatted correctly and include the title of your paper, your name, the name of your teacher, details about your course, and the date of submission.

  • A bibliography.
  • After the main body of your paper, it’s important to include a list of all the sources that you’ve consulted to craft your academic work.

  • An appendix.
  • At the end of your academic work, it’s advisable have a section for various pictures, graphs, and tables that are too big to put in the body but are important for the topic.

Now, you’ll be more likely to structure your research paper correctly and submit a project worthy of an excellent grade. Just don’t forget to proofread your text before showing it to your teacher in order to eliminate the majority of mistakes.