Crafting A Research Paper Introduction On Bullying

Human tendency is to poke, make fun and hurt others. For some it sounds like a tasteful and intellectual comedy while for others it is termed as bullying. Bullying is usually done with an intention to weaken the victim mentally. This aspect is usually covered as a research subject in the discipline of Psychology. An impressive introduction is the prime reason of writing a successful paper.

How to craft introduction on bullying in the research paper:

  1. Define the term: First define the term bullying and then write its different types. Focus on all the types discussing them at stretch keeping word limit in your mind.
  2. Stay informative: Ensure that your introduction offers a summary of the objectives you will be discussing in the paper.
  3. Offer substantial evidences or examples: It should be supported with the data, statistics, latest report etc.
  4. How to start an introduction: You can even start your essay with an anecdote, news headline, recent debate, some phrase, quotation of a popular writer, example, few lines of a poem etc.
  5. Keep it sensitive: Understand its sensitivity and handle the introduction with extreme care.
  6. Stay formal but show your passion as in how it feels: By expressing your emotions through specific words, you can touch the heart of the audiences.
  7. Maintain originality of the subject: It should be uniquely written to gain appreciation of the public.
  8. Keep your introduction impressive: Introduction only decides if the essay will be left in between or will be read till the end.
  9. Maintain enthusiasm: The momentum and influential way of writing will keep the readers going.
  10. Word limit of Introduction: It should not be very long but should be according to the total word limit of the essay.

Remember, bullying is not a completely negative term. If a person is teased within the limits, it can make the other person strong also. It also teaches the lesson of developing patience while handling any situation trickily. Your introduction should enable the reader to know deep inside the topic, its advantages and disadvantages etc. You can also follow an inverted pyramid approach where you can begin from a general theme and then narrow it down to a particular area. If you keep these tips in mind, your introduction will compel the readers to go through the entire essay.